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  • What should I pack?
    Make sure to pack: A bible, Notebook, pen, sunscreen, workout clothes, warm and cool clothes, a modest swimsuit, tennis shoes, and water bottle, toothbrush, and other toiletries, a towel for swimming and showering, pillow, and sleeping bag. Things to leave at home: weapons (including knives), bad attitudes, tobacco products, drugs, juuls, and vapes, alcohol, lighters, and anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.
  • What safety precautions will be taken?
    Every adult serving in our ministry is required to have a background check, live scan, and to have complete a mandatory safety awareness training. We will have multiple teams on sites that are dedicated to keeping your student safe. Security staff and volunteers (think hall monitors and night watch), medics, and registered nurses.
  • Who else will be with my student at camp?
    In addition to your camp counselor your student will be assigned to a cabin with four other students who are in their grade. They’ll be with the same cabin the entire time. Cabins will be made up of the same church and assigned by grade and Gender. For example if your student is a middle school boy from Rock Church they will be with other middle school boys from Rock Church. There will be leaders housed on every floor of the dorm in addition to safety monitors on every floor.
  • Can we request who our student dorms with?
    We are working with the local youth pastor to assign rooms and counselors. We cannot promise special accommodations for every request but if you have any requests you may email your local youth pastor.
  • What kind of financial aid is offered?
    You may enroll in a payment plan. Which allows you to pay half of the cost of camp up front and then pay the second half later on closer to the time of camp. You can find the payment plan on the same link as the normal registration. Many churches and youth pastors are working hard to fundraise for every student and leader to go to camp. Please contact your local youth pastor to find about more financial aid that is available for your student.
  • What happens if I have to cancel?
    Unfortunately we will not be able to offer any refunds. If your teenager can no longer attend FUTURE SD, you can send someone in their place by connecting with your local youth pastor.
  • How does Early Bird Pricing Work?
    The early bird price is offered all the way up until April 26th. If you put down a down payment before April 26th you will lock in that price and only pay up to the agreed upon $395. After April 17th the price will go up to $450.


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